Another Day, Another Infection

This time, it’s an infection around my feeding tube. These infections build up behind the tube site, like an abscess, and it’s the pressure from this build-up that causes the pain that lets me know it’s time for some more antibiotics.

At times like this, I’m so grateful for a wonderful GP, who squeezed me into her busy clinic within an hour of my call. Actually, not my call, but a call from the nutrition nurse (M) who was visiting me, and insisted that I shouldn’t wait three weeks to mention it to the practice nurse at my next appointment. We both agreed that the site was infected, so M called my GP surgery and they saw me pretty much straight away. As usual, they took swabs of the pus oozing from the tube site (think that’s too much information? You should just be grateful that you couldn’t smell it!) and prescribed IV antibiotics and special dressings to cover the tube site.

More gratitude, this time for my local pharmacy. They deal with all sorts of weird medications on a pretty punishing schedule without batting an eyelid. They even keep a small stock of certain IV medications so they can give me some straight away while we wait for the rest to be delivered. For a busy community pharmacy, they do a pretty impressive job of providing a personal service – every time I go in there (which is a lot) they are offering advice, ordering medications and chatting to people. It took a while for them to get to know me when we first moved to this area, and there were quite a few teething problems with my usual (unusual) medications (almost all of them have to be ordered, and quite a few are compounded just for me, though most of those are delivered to my home). Now, though, I feel totally confident in the pharmacists, and don’t know what I’d do without them – being able to get IV antibiotics the same day from a community pharmacy is pretty impressive!

As usual, having an infection has knocked everything else out of balance. More pain, weakness, fatigue, etc.

I’d love to find out what my ‘baseline’ would be like without lurching from infection to infection, but for now, this is my baseline. Infection after infection after infection… The antibiotic routine is pretty punishing as well – every 6 hours, which doesn’t fit in terribly well with my other IV medications, most of which are given every 8 hours. It just makes everything very busy. So I sleep and medicate, and sleep some more. In between times, I’ve been watching White Collar on Netflix, which is a lot of fun. I’m approaching the end of the current series, though, so I need recommendations for my next box set… Nothing too taxing – brain fluff is just right!


2 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Infection

  1. Bill McConnell says:

    Sue has taught me the importance of good medical support.

    For light TV, I recommend two: the US series Big Bang, and an old BBC series Coupling – maybe that is not as old as I think, so you may remember it from when it was new. Two more good (fairly dated) US series are West Wing and Murphy Brown

    Thanks for the reports from the front lines


    • Sue is a remarkable person. You both are. You make a good team. I hope that the new ‘barracks’ are suiting you both, and that you’re not overloading yourselves in the excitement of meeting new people.

      Thank you for the recommendations! I love West Wing (we have the box set, but I can’t bring myself to watch the last series, because I don’t want it to be over). I do remember Coupling, and that’s another one that we have on (now rather old fashioned) DVD. I’m glad you like that – I’d though of it as being quite ‘British’ humour. Slightly darker than a lot of the other sit-coms that were around at the time.

      Murphy Brown I don’t know at all, and Big Bang Theory I’ve caught occasionally on TV, but it hasn’t been on Amazon or Netflix when I’ve checked. I’ll definitely look again, though, thank you!


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